When the first small drop of water falls over the edge of the dam, its foaming journey towards more spacious waters, towards the great lake of Ladoga begins. It first foams in the Imatrankoski Rapids and tries to escape the great water masses that follow. The drop swims under the old lanterns at Koskisilta Bridge. It spins past the idyllic Pavillion. It passes the venerable Valtionhotelli hotel and a rock cliff that in the past held a squeaky ropeway. It sprays some moisture on the guests standing at the viewing terrace and surges towards the centuries old rock engravings, the royal graffiti.

And this is how the water masses accumulate. They fill the rugged channel; they spin, agitate, thunder. 

Visitor to Imatrankoski: If you have never heard the thunder of the rapids, experienced its magnificent force, now is the time. For a moment, you feel you are held tightly in the violent embrace of nature. For a moment, you feel you are one with history, with the ancient river bed. 

That experience is just as large as the smallest drop of the foaming rapids. 



The mighty castle

A unique, 1903 built castle-like hotel in the national landscape of Imatra and with the best location by the Imatrankoski Rapids. The most beautiful building in Finland.   

Step in

Kruununpuisto Park

The oldest nature reserve in Finland along the banks of the rapids. Historical pavilions,  rock engravings, giant kettles and several other interesting places to visit. 

Enter the park

Famous visitors

The Imatrankoski Rapids have attracted visitors for over 250 years. Catherine II, the Empress of Russia, visited this attraction with her retinue in 1772.  

Royals in Imatra

Saimaa Geopark

The Imatrankoski Rapids are one of the geosites of Saimaa Geopark. From the tourist perspective the geopark areas are comparable to national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, even though a geopark is not a protected area.

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