The Ukonniemi area’s wide range of accommodations, spas and outstanding supplementary services for training camps make Imatra an excellent choice as a base camp for first-snow training. Gyms, maintenance facilities and supplementary training locations, among others, are all within walking distance. In addition, compared to skiing destinations in northern Finland, athletes arriving from the south can save as much as an entire training day in travelling time.

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First-snow track camp packages in their entirety (ski passes, shooting range reservations, accommodations, meals, supplementary training locations, waxing cabins, etc.) Our services are free of charge for customers. Additional information and reservations:, tel. +358 (0)20 617 7008


Prices for First-snow camp packages in 2024

Other services

Ski passes for group reservations (min. 10 people) -15 % of prices. Group reservations include instructors for ski trails free of charge.
*Ski passes for groups include the use of Imatra Spa Arena's gym for side training (on separate reservation).

Group bookings at the Ukoniemi Stadium shooting ranges:
Group bookings at the shooting ranges should be made at least 14 days in advance.

Camp weekend (3 days)  16,50 €/contestant
Camp week (7 days) 33 €/contestant

Individual bookings: From the online store or Saimaa Sport – Saimaa Sport Oy, Ottelukatu 9, 55420 Imatra. or tel. +358 40 556 1844/+358 40 062 2455 - Individual bookings through Saimaa Sport should be made 7 days in advance or it is 24 hours in advance if booking online.

Ski wax cabins:
15 heated cabins with mechanical ventilation can be rented for private use.

Weekdays 60 €/day
Weekends 80 €/day or 150 €/weekend (Fri-Sun)


Imatra Spa camp packages

Accommodation type 2 days 3 days or more
Hostel and Sport room

Room capacity 3-6 pers
 €/person/day  €/person/day
Standard and Promenade room

Room capacity 3-4 pers   
 €/person/day   €/person/day

Rooms are generally booked to full capacity, taking uneven room distribution into account. Prices include accommodation, hearty buffet meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Free use of the gym and Spa Taikametsä during normal business hours, free WiFi and parking.

Prices are valid for accommodation bookings of 2 days or more and for 10 people.

Saimaa Life & Light camp packages

Two-bedroom suite for 2 persons
(1 bedroom: 1 double bed + 1 bedroom: 1 double bed)
100 €/day
Two-bedroom suite for 3-4 persons
(1 bedroom: 2 twin beds + 1 bedroom: 2 twin beds)
130 €/day
Two-bedroom suite for 5-6 persons
(1 bedroom: 2 twin beds + 1 bedroom: 2 bunk beds)
160 €/day
Two-bedroom suite for 7-8 persons
(1 bedroom: 2 bunk beds + 1 bedroom: 2 bunk beds)
180 €/day

Full board (incl. breakfast, lunch and dinner) 37 €/person/day
Special diet +4€/day.

Hotel Rento

Room 2 days 3-4 days 5+ days
Standard twin/double for 2 persons 85 €/day/room 80 €/day/room 75 €/day/room
Standard triple for 3 persons 100 €/day/room 95 €/day/room 90 €/day/room

The price includes breakfast, parking, and a customer sauna.

Half board 20 €/adult, 10 €/child (under 8 years old).

Full treatment 35 €/adult, 20 €/child (under 8 years old).

The prices are valid when the reservation is for at least 2 days and the group size is at least 12 people when dining.