Imatra First snow ski track will open 14.10.2022! 

Enjoy skiing in high-quality conditions already in October!

Snow of the track is produced and stored in the previous winter. The track is located at Ukonniemi-stadium and it utilizes roller ski tracks and nearby areas. For ski season 2022-2023 we have stored around 65 000 cubic meters! First snow ski track offers both easier sections for recreational skiers and more challenging parts for professional skiers. Take a closer look on track profiles on the Skiing tracks -page.

For ski season 2022-2023 the tracks will be opened in three different stages:

  • In the first stage, track opens on 14th October, 1.5 km loop around Ukonniemi-stadium area.
  • In the second stage, trail extended to approx. 2.8 km on the week 45. Our service promise is to keep this length well maintained in all weather conditions until the end 2022.
  • The first snow trail will be extended to its full approx. 5 km lenght when the overall weather situation allows it.

You can use first snow ski track and it’s services only by purchasing ski pass from online shop or from several points of sale at Ukonniemi area. The validity of ski passes are controlled by random control checks. If required, you have to be able to present your valid ski pass from your mobile phone or printed.

Skiing tracks

The track has sections for both professional (2.8 km) and recreational (1.9 km) skiers. Starting point at Ukonniemi Stadium.

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Ukonniemi testing center

Ukonniemi testing center offers services just nearby the skiing track.  You can test your explosive strenght, strenght output, speed and agility, endurance and body composition.  A direct endurance test is performed by measuring respiratory gases using K5 analyzer.

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Ski all year round

The Ukonniemi area offer high-quality facilities for skiing all year round. The 3,5 km roller skiing track has been praised as the best of Finland. Lake Saimaa Roller Ski Maraton will be organised 3.-4.9.2022 at Ukonniemi area which is part of the Visma Ski Classic Challenger serie.

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The Ukonniemi area in Imatra is a perfect setting for an active holiday.  The services of the Imatra city centre are a little more than five kilometres away from Ukonniemi and Ukonniemi is only a two-hour train ride away from Helsinki.

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Nearby the first snow track there are various possibilities for accommodation and few of those are located just along the first snow ski tracks.


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